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How to meditate? Quan Yin Method and Convenient Method

... The Quan Yin Method Meditation: The Quan Yin Method (more) is a complete one. ... It can also be a preliminary to initiation into the Quan Yin Method. ...

Practical Benefits of the Quan Yin Method

Chapter 16: Q. Practical Benefits of the Quan Yin Method. ... Correct practice of Quan Yin Meditation. *, Practical Benefits of the Quan Yin Method. Contents. ...

the origins of the Quan Yin Method of meditation and how to ...

what IS Quan Yin Method? Q. Master Ching Hai, my question is two fold. Yeah! First, can You ... what IS Quan Yin Method? I thought I ...

The Quan Yin Method: This primal vibration or Sound is in its nature transcendental and therefore perceived in silence. Jesus' disciples called it the "Holy Spirit" or the "Word" (which is from the Greek word "Logos," meaning sound). "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." After Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment, He spoke of this Sound too, calling it the "drum of immortality" Krishna equated Himself with the "sound in ether" Mohammed perceived this Sound in the cave at Gare-Hira when He had a vision of the archangel Gabriel, and Lao Tzu described the Tao as the "Great Tone".

Spiritual light also manifests as an aspect of the Divine Presence. Hence, the great Masters impart both transcendental Sound and Light, as The Supreme Master Ching Hai explains. "So, we get in contact with this Spirit, which is a manifestation of divine Light and Vibration, and by doing so, we know God. In fact, it isn't really a method. It is the power of the Master. If you have it, then you can transmit it. The method is a transcendental one that cannot be described by our language. Even if someone describes it to you, you will not receive the Light and the Vibration, the inner peace and wisdom. Everything is transmitted in silence, and you will see your old Masters like Jesus or Buddha. You will receive all that you need to follow their footsteps, and little by little you will become Christ-like, and you will become one with God."



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