Spoken by Thomas One Wolf, a Natie American elder from the Saquamish (the tribe of the famous Chief Seattle in Washington State), at the World Vision Conference

Those of the Great People (Tewa, Hopi, Lakota, Navajo, Cree and all other tribes) and of my tribe, the two-legged, we have come here together. Thomas and Sherri One Wolf did not create this, you did.

If even one of you had walked by this microphone and told me there was Hope, that would have been enough to listen.

I carry a message. I seek no recognition. I will take no credit nor any blame. There are many reminders of what as we fade and grow smaller, it is my prayer that the family of the One will come together.

The old ones gave me a reason to walk on. As my own Chief Seattle said "I mourn not." I don't see a speech when I look at his world. I see it as a vision, as a fulfillment. I have witnessed his vision.

Fourteen years ago, I was given one. I didn't know what it meant. All I knew is what I had seen. I waited all these years. My father and I were at a Congress of Native American people, and he said that it was time.

There is only one thing I conclude from this vision. I pray you see the Hope in this vision and maybe apply some serious want to know. Many will he troubled by it, I pray that you see the Hope.

In Grandfather's (God's) greatest Plan. Hes doesn't trust us with Hiers Plan. Hes won't let us see the other side because we would go there.

People who came here were the people of progress. To these days the Wisdom Keepers kept all that, holding on to it. Then came the dark clouds - greed, power, wealth. These were the sorrowful days of accomphshment. Greed, power and wealth were the same horses ridden by the progress man. I feared it would be the Indians that would be terrninated, but the old ones assured me it would return on themselves.

The children are the heirs of the armor. We leave to our children a garden of poison and armor. I carry a vision, it isn't a warning but a Hope; a dream of Hope is easily extinguished. I could read volumes of devastation done by man. The vision that has come is that of Hope and the good shall know these results.

Great Spirit used this vessel to reveal a vision. In the distance, I see fires burning. I see great sun rays, great thunder and dark places. There is a child in the mist. She comes as a spark of Hope. The day of the Spirit Man has come. No fear, no joy, just a place of peaceful acceptance, a child with Hope.

In 1999, you the messengers will carry the message for Hope of one pure breath to the third door. In the year 2000 we will open the final door.

There is another great inevitability. Earth is changing - Great waves, fires, rain, flood waters, tornadoes, et cetera. Is anyone listening? Over-population, pollution.

There is Hope, small but Hope. The great fires, storms of death will occur. The child is the final Hope for change.

Choose Good, Do Good, Walk Your Talk.

Seek man's power and wealth and you will lose it. Money and power shall be used for good; if not, Hope dies.

Cancer is too far to heal in the house of power; they will consume each other.

The day of the Spirit Man has come. The time of choice is here. Good or darkness for everyone.

I apologize to the young under 30 years old to have taken a part in destroying your planet and your future.

Go and tell the world that Good has come, sing the song of Hope. It's your choice. What can we do? It'll be known to you in good time. Joy, peace and Hope live on the road of Good. Some come to create, some come to help, all must come. Choosing Good and walking your talk will bring you peace.

If you use your gift for self gain, you'll know no peace, no joy and sleepless nights. A wave is coming to all the shores of Mother Earth.

My people told me many stories about the beginning of life. Which one is the right one? My grandfather told me All of them." In the words of Chief Seattle, 'We may be brothers after all and we shall see."

We have got to become the good united tribe of the two-legged. If we don't, we will know the storms I have seen.

My judgment ends with how many legs you have.

I love you, everyone of you with all that I am and all I will ever be I am incapable of doing anything but loving you. It is so, it is as it should be.