Q. Is the way to enlightenment equal for the woman and for the man?

M. Yes, definitely. There is no man and no woman inside, it's only that the clothes we wear are different. And these clothes are changing all the time; this life you are a man, and next life you are a woman. Who knows? Okay! I have not always been a woman Master; I did it on purpose this time, to let you know that a woman can also be enlightened and be a Master. How about that? [Laughter] To break your false conception about the superiority of manhood, to encourage and glorify womanhood, and to teach men the humble humility lessons which are badly needed now. You have boasted your ego for many centuries and looked down upon women. Women are the mothers of all the Buddhas and of Jesus, and they deserve a good position. Without women no one can exist. But since millions of years people are ungrateful to the mothers of the earth. So God has decided that He would choose a woman to be a Master now. Inside there's no woman, no man, okay? Only wisdom, only divinity, only love, grace. Okay? There is no woman's grace, man's grace, woman's love, man's love, woman's wisdom, man's wisdom, no such things.


Q. According to the Bible women should not preach.

M. How about the first Saint of Armenia (Ripsime) who brought Christianity here, who was she?

Q. Yes, I know, but the thing is that I would like to know Your opinion.

M. I agree with you, we women should not preach - it's a tiring job. If we look upon ourselves as a woman, we should not, but if we believe in the Bible, in Jesus, who said that we are the temple of God and the Holy Spirit dwells within us, then my Holy Spirit, His Holy Spirit is the same. What is the difference between me and Him. Yes, the first woman who brought Christianity to Armenia was very beautiful, and she did preach all right. It's clear. [Applause]

Thank you for your very kind and loving questions. I am rarely in the press' presence; just when it's absolutely necessary and unavoidable. Like sometimes, people have arranged it already and some famous people have arranged it, and I just have to oblige them myself. I don't look shy, but I'm very shy, actually, but it's good that you have been very protective and I'm very, very grateful. May God bless you. Maybe the spirits of Armenian people are like that. Everywhere I go people want to hug me and kiss me and children bring flowers. They're so wonderful. Such kind people you are, so kind. God blesses you more.


Q. Do you agree the planet is entering a new age of enlightenment and that the feminine influence will now prevail?

M. Why should the feminine aspect prevail? Just because you see me as a female Master? I am perhaps the only female master, so I can't beat all the male Masters in this world. It is not the feminine aspect, it is probably motherly love that prevails in our world. Because God is both feminine and masculine; do not identify us with a female body or a man's apparatus.

This is only the cloth we wear. Sometimes it's different, just like I wear this; the lady wears like that; and the gentleman loves sports, probably he just came from running, so what's wrong? Right? (Audience: Yes.)

If we enter the new enlightening age or not, is up to you to decide. It's not up to me or anyone to say. If we all enlightened or many of us enlightened, we would enter a new enlightening age. Otherwise, it doesn't matter who predicts what and who decides what age we are in, what is the use? We are still living in darkness.