Supreme Master Ching Hai News No.61

Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 61

Cover illustration: Master on a delightful tour with Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Cambodia in the Angkor Wat Temple.

  1. International Reports |Pennsylvania, USA|Arizona, USA|Oklahoma, USA|Tokyo, Japan|Jia-Yi, Formosa|Changhua, Formosa|Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  2. Master Says The Key To Be Energetic And Happy

  3. Aphorisms

  4. Front Line God's Nectar Spread Over South Africa

  5. Pearls Of Wisdom

  6. While On The Path |I Am In Heaven|Transformed By Love|It Is Wonderful To Be Accompanied By A True Master|The Supreme Kung-Fu

  7. You May Not Know |How To Play And Be With Children|Saintly Humility

  8. Between Master And Disciples |A Child Incarnated From The Ocean Of Love|The Chain Connecting You And Me

  9. Special Reports Visiting An Ancient Place Of Spiritual Practice Angkor Wat

  10. Feature Reports Thailand's Songkran Festival - Master Arrives To Sprinkle Nectar Water

  11. Master Tells Stories Three Stubborn Servants

  12. Master Tells Jokes |Stinginess - Too Salty|Invitation For Dinner

  13. Master's Wonders |Master Takes Care Of Everything|Master's Manifestation Body Tours An Old Temple|Details That Reveal The Holy Love

  14. Master's Teachings |Our View Should Be Faultless|The Death Of Marpa's Child - Be Aware of The Ephemerality Of This World

  15. Poem Master-Self

  16. Spiritual Interlude Rediscovering The Eternal, Great Love

  17. Media Reports |Hero Dog Rips Into A Nest Of Rattlesnakes To Save Little Girl|Dog Takes Easter Bunny Theme To Heart|Beef: If Mad-cow Disease Doesn't Get You, A Heart Attack Will|Chernobyl Fallout Leads To Rise In Rare Cancer|US Study Shows Half Of Alcoholics Die From Tobacco-Related Ailments

  18. Open Space International Conference On Extraterrestrial Technology And Spiritual Practice

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