Supreme Master Ching Hai News No.60

Supreme Master Ching Hai News No. 60

Cover illustration: H. M. the King of Cambodia (center) receives Master personally at the Royal Palace as a guest of the kingdom. They took a picture together (first right Royal Minister Ta Saroeun).

  1. International Reports |Phnom Penh, Cambodia|Bangkok, Thailand|Singapore|Gansu, China|Liluah, India|LA, USA|Sydney, Australia|Warsaw, Poland

  2. Spiritual Interlude |A Colorful Life Is Good|The Peerless Wonder Of The Supreme Kitchen Cookbook|Loving Others Means Loving Ourselves

  3. Aphorisms

  4. Media Reports |We Are Stepping Into The Golden Age|More Signs That Foetus Decides Birth Date|Orphaned Piglet Leads A Dog's Life|French Doctors Identify First Mad Cow Disease Case|Are The Continent's Cattle Sick?|Cat Risks Life To Save Kittens|The High Health Cost Of Eating Meat

  5. Front Line The Quan Yin Method Shines Brightly On The Land Of The Ancient Inca Empire

  6. Spot Light The Lotus Blossoms Upon The Saint's Arrival

  7. Special Reports |Be A Person With Opinions|A Spiritual Group Propagating Peace|A Shocking Education|A Survey Of Introspection|Cleansing The Soul And Introspection

  8. While On The Path |Putting Everything In Your Hands|Heaven Does Exist|The Strength Of The Soul

  9. Poem My Bosom Friend

  10. Readers' Letter |Heart To Heart With Your Holy Heart|Prayer Of The Soul

  11. Pearls Of Wisdom

  12. Master's Wonders |A Beautiful Dream Comes True|Crushed Face|The Transformation Master Is Always Around|Secrets Behind The Celestial Clothes

  13. Master Tells Jokes Our Faith In God

  14. A Brief Message Good News For Vegetarian -- The Essential Vegetarian Protein

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