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Photo: "The Supreme Master Ching Hai"
Majestic and compassionate as a king unifying the whole world
The Great Spiritual Master revered by all.

  1. International Reports
  2. Hong Kong/Thailand/Korea/Formosa/Philippines
  3. Aphorisms
  4. The Divine Meaning Of Work
  5. Special Reports
  6. Have A Great Harvest!/Shopping For The Lunar New Year
    True Happiness/Gifts From Master Brought A Happy New Year
  7. Master Says
  8. Enlightenment Awakens The Positive Power
  9. Between Master And Disciples
  10. Experiencing And Observing Love In Small Details
    It Is Time For You To Take Some Tonic!
    Emperor Chien Lung's Royal Cooks
  11. Master Tells Stories
  12. A Stingy Old Woman
  13. Pearls Of Wisdom
  14. God Is Love
  15. While On The Path
  16. Trouble Is Actually Bodhi
    An Apprentice To Love
    Reflections On My First Retreat
  17. Spot Light
  18. Purifying The World With Pure Thoughts
  19. Poems
  20. Western Lake, In A Dream
    In A Dream Last Night
  21. News Bulletin
  22. Worldwide S.M. Fairy Clothes Fashion Show
  23. Media Reports
  24. NewsTribune, U.S.A./Formosan Hsin Sen Post/United Daily News
    Liantong Daily News, Hualien, Formosa/The Morning Sun Daily News
  25. Master's Words
  26. To Be A Messenger Of God's Gospel
  27. Master's Wonder
  28. Put Down The Butcher's Knife To Become A Buddha At Once
    Firecrackers That Discharged Automatically
    The Heavenly Nectar
    Child, Don't Be Afraid
  29. Front Line
  30. Let Peace Begin With Our Quan Yin Method
    Greeting The New Spiritual Year In Canada
  31. Recommending A Good Book - "I Have Come To Take You Home"
  32. Spiritual Interludes
  33. The More Nipping, The More Sprouting
    Perfect Bliss In My Heart
  34. Letters Between Master And Disciples
  35. The Buddha's Grace Shines On My Whole Family
  36. A True Account Of A Miraculous Person
  37. The Legend Of A Taoist (Part IV)
  38. Elevation Of The Soul
  39. Our Liaison Practitioners Throughout The World

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No.44 Published: Mar. 25,1995
Published by: The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations
Address: No. 39 Dongsanhu, Sanhu Village, Hsihu Hsiang, Miaoli Hsien, Formosa, R.O.C.

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