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Photo: During the International Seven-day Retreat in Formosa, Master elaborates on the profound meaning behind a story.

  1. International Reports
  2. USA: Oregon/Pennsylvania/Ohio
    Europe: Portugal/Spain/U.K.
    America: Honduras
    Asia: Formosa/Thailand
  3. Front Line
  4. United Kingdom 1994's International "Spirit Mind Body" Exhibition
  5. Aphorisms
  6. Cleanliness Is Saintliness
  7. Master Says
  8. The Great Fearless Spirit
  9. Poems
  10. Much More
    The Saving Light In The Eastern Sea
    The Saint From Time
    Refugees' Heart
  11. Spot Light
  12. When You Teach, You should Be A Responsible Teacher
  13. Between Master And Disciple
  14. When Master Came Back...
  15. Master's Wonder
  16. Saved By Master's Transformation Body
  17. Master Told Stories
  18. The Story Of The Saddle
  19. Letter Between Master And Disciple
  20. Mother Of The Souls
  21. Feature Report
  22. Media Report
  23. Korea: Inside The World Magazine
    Formosa: Liberty Times
    Times Magazine Biweekly
  24. Special Reports On Aiding The Au Lac Refugees
  25. Elevation Of The Soul

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News No.36 Published: June 25,1994
Published by: The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations
Address: No. 39 Dongsanhu, Sanhu Village, Hsihu Hsiang, Miaoli Hsien,Formosa, R.O.C.

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