Chapter 15: P

Prayer: How to Ask God

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai
Boulder, CO, U.S.A., May 14, 1991
(Originally in English)

Q: I go back and forth between surrender and wanting to ask God things, and then feeling like if I ask, it may limit something greater that God has. What should I do?

M: It's good that you asked this intelligent question. If we have to ask, then we ask. God knows how much to give. Hes shouldn't give according to your limit, but Hes should give in Hiers limit, if Hes is God. So why bother? Ask when you need to. When a child is very young, he can't pretend to be an adult and not want milk. If you need milk, ask for it. Later you will grow up and give it up. Don't worry. God knows what you truly want.

Q: Can we go within and allow ourselves to ask things of God?

M: You can ask, and say, "God, I probably shouldn't ask You this, but let me ask You anyhow since it will settle my mind, and then whether You give it or not is up to You. You see what I need. I ask, but You don't need to give what's not good for me."


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