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Above video: Connecting Yourself With God -
May 05 1999 Lisbon, Portugal (In English & Portuguese)  (more)
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About this lecture:

This lecture was the The 2 nd Stop of Supreme Master Ching Hai's, 1999 Europe Lecture Tour, in Lisbon, Portugal

In Portugal, over ninety-four percent of the population is Roman Catholic. They are strong in their beliefs and believe sincerely in their Saints. There is a famous legend in Portugal about an apparition of the Virgin Mary to three children. One day many years ago, three children were tending their sheep in a field. At noon, as was their custom, they knelt down in prayer with their rosaries (prayer beads). After praying, they began to play. Suddenly, they saw a flash of lightning. Thinking that a storm was coming, they began to herd their sheep downhill. Once again, they saw the flash of lightning and on the hilltop appeared a radiant lady of beauty. This legend is known as "Our Lady of Fatima" and a huge monument was erected where she was believed to have appeared to the three children. Every year thousands of people come to Portugal on pilgrimages to this historic site.

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