God Takes Care Of Everything

Spoken by The Supreme Master Ching Hai
Munich Center, Germany
August 18, 1995
(Originally in English)

I am always happy when I am in Munich. I don't know why, but it's maybe my home town. Except my birthplace in Au Lac, I have never stayed anywhere as long as in Munich -- non-stop. Maybe because it's my second home.

Congratulations on your beautiful Center! God has blessed you so much, and God has loved us so much, including myself -- a very humble servant. God has blessed me to have the honor to serve you, Hiers children. God has blessed us to be always together in harmony and peace; and then whatever we want, we need, Hes always gives us, without asking. So, we must always thank God in our hearts that Hes is so good to us, and we should also pray sincerely for those people who have less fortune than ourselves.

Remembering God Is Our Duty

Every time we meditate, we thank God first, we pray for the less fortunate, and then we remember God with all the sweetness and devotion. That is our duty -- very simple, very pure and very effective. Then everything else will come along, without even we asking.

You have so experienced? (Audience: Yes.) Me too. I never ask that Hes gives me the talent to do the painting. I never ask that Hes gives me talent to design the clothes or to design the jewelry so that I can take care of myself financially and help the other people as well. I never ask anything but everything just comes. And sometimes too quickly. I have to organize myself in order to receive all the blessing without wasting any.

The Heavenly Treasure Is Within Us

Do you have any questions? It's also good that you don't have questions. The more we meditate, the fewer questions we have. Even some questions are not important anymore. After we meditate we know that nothing is so important and we just feel happy and blissful. When we're happy and blissful, nothing matters, really; and we don't think with the mind so much.

When a person is happy, even at a very mundane level -- two persons falling in love, between a man and a woman, you still feel very happy and blissful. You don't care where you stay, what you eat, what kind of clothes you wear, or what kind of comfort or discomfort you have. It really doesn't matter anymore.

Similarly, we become even more blissful and more happy if we are intoxicated inside. Then we don't have anymore questions really, we don't care. Even if we don't know too many technologies in the world, what is the newest invention, who is the newest movie star, and what is the newest building in the world, we're still not affected by anything. We're just happy, with love from God alone.

That is the purpose of our lives -- to find this love, and then we're satisfied. All of you know this already, so I don't think I should talk too much. Without this love from God, we're just miserable. We continue to be miserable all the time, keep wanting, taking, and greedy. We take all kinds of harmful drugs, sometimes alcohol and all kinds of things in order to make ourselves happy. But then we'll be worse, we'll have more trouble because we don't have the true happiness.

That's why we must meditate on God, and if we cannot, the master power always gives us someone -- some messenger, in order to guide us, help us to remember how to meditate on God correctly. Meditate on God, otherwise you'll meditate on money, you'll meditate on girlfriends or boyfriends. It's also meditation, but different effect -- bad effect. (Laughter)

A lot of people meditate on different things. The businessman, he meditates on his enterprise. The politicians, they meditate on their reputations and careers. And the womanizer, he meditates on beautiful girls, and things like that. So, it's different concentration. Concentration we all have already. The only thing we have to do is to change the object of concentration.

Change The Object Of Meditation

Instead of meditating on all these ephemeral things, like money, fame and ephemeral pleasures of this world, we just switch to meditation on God, and then everything else will come along, even beautiful women will come too, (laughter), money and everything.

I did not come to God for money or for fame. But because I'm so concentrated on God Hes gives me everything, and that is the proof of my concentration, that is the proof of my devotion to God, and that is the proof for you and anyone else. That you know: Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will come to you. The money I make, it's like it comes from heaven. I don't even do much work.

The people outside sometimes they work a lot and they don't earn that much money. I can't spend all this on myself. I give it to other people, or sometimes buy some Centers for people to meditate together. It depends on what is requested at that moment. So, really, if we always devote our lives and concentrate our love to God, everything we need will come. Everything, absolutely everything, without effort. I make no effort. You know how long it takes me to paint a picture, or how long it takes me to design clothes? Everything comes along just because I don't care for these things. I just care for God and then everything belongs to God. If I care for God, everything belongs to me too, very simple and logical.

You remember the story of a king in India? When he gave everything in his possession to the people, they could come and take whatever they wanted. Everyone came and took this and they wondered about the lamps, and took some jewelry. Some people tried their clothes on; and some people took the cutlery or silver or golden vessels, anything like that. Everyone was so happy to take something of their own taste, and they thought their possessions were very beautiful and precious treasures form the king. But they only had one or two things of his whole possessions, but not all. One girl, she came straight to the king, and she said, "I want you." And everything belonged to her -- the whole kingdom and the king himself.

The same thing happens to us when we only want God and nothing else; everything else will belong to us, definitely, hundred percent. I am living proof. I am always happy because God always looks after me, Hes never leaves me in any want, anything that I really think I need I will have.

The Best Gift From God

Actually I don't need anything. After all, I realize I need nothing. Finally, we have no desire anymore. If we meditate more and more, finally we know that we don't need anything. But even if we don't need anything, God will see to it that every necessary thing we will have in life. I think as you meditate along, day by day, you have also noticed this miracle. Everyday is a miracle for us, and we're happier and more loving everyday. That is the best gift from God.

If Hes gives us also financial blessing, it's all right. If Hes gives us something like loving relationships as a blessing, it's all right. If Hes gives us more houses, more cars, we accept. Everything God gives is all right. We don't go on to say, "Oh, God, I don't want material things. This is not what I want." It's okay. If Hes gives us anything, that's all right. And we share with everyone else, and this is okay.

That's how the world will become a paradise. Everyone shares with each other. Everyone becomes happier. Then no one will want to steal from the neighbor, to hurt the neighbor, or to do anything else; because everyone will be happy. That is the future vision of our planet. That's what we should always try to strive to achieve.

One day it will be so. Let's pray for that. And if it is not so, at least the world of our own environment is peaceful, is happy, and is harmonious. Yes, our world with our husbands, wives, our neighbors, our children, this is our world, our planet. It's always blissful, happy and harmonious, at least. That is a world that is important to us too, because our world is the most important foundation.

Without our world, the big world, the big universe doesn't exist. Without one brick of this world, the big world would not exist. The world exists by many bricks put together, so every brick is important.

So, our small world -- our small unit of family, of friends, of neighbors, is very important. That's why if everyone of us takes care of our small world, then the big world becomes peaceful alone. No need for anyone to go to Geneva and have a big meeting, drink a lot of champagne and coffee, and eat a lot of beef in order to talk about world peace. If every unit of the family takes care of its inner peace, if it gets in contact with God and gets this everlasting, unconditional love, then the world will have peace. There's no need to talk. That is an ideal picture, ideal vision for our planet, and for every other planet in this universe.

God Takes Care Of Everything

That's what is God's will. That's what God wants us to understand. It doesn't matter what, doesn't matter how long it takes us to understand, God will allow the time, the instruments, the information and the way. God will allow the way. God will make the way. God will provide the way for us, as long as it's necessary for us to understand these fundamental things about our lives and its connection with the universe.

We have an eternity to learn but we can have it right now. That's what we have through the method of the light and the sound. We have it immediately. Otherwise, we could wait and wait and wait through mistakes, through miseries, through sorrows and through transient happiness until the day we learn.

So, that's why God sends someone, some messenger, to remind us that we can have it quickly and immediately; as from ancient times it has always been so. That's better if you already don't wait, you've already got it. But tell your friends, if they want to wait for eternity, it's all right with God, too. (Laughter) God has a lot of patience, far too much!

With this inner meditation and contact, we will soon discover that everything is arranged, everything is okay under the sun. God takes care of every minor detail of every being's life. That's why we're happy. That's why we are satisfied. That's why all the sorrows and miseries in this world cannot affect us because we know the Truth, the one and only Truth, the solid Truth - that God takes care of everything.

So, I think we have to thank God every time that God gives us the opportunity to learn the fastest way, to understand the Truth which erases all of our miseries; because the Truth really will set us free. The only thing that sets us free is the Truth. If we don't know that, we always worry. We always feel terrible: Why is there misery? Why is there someone troubled? Why is there a disaster? Then, because we don't know, we worry all the time and we try to take care of every little thing. But we can never take care enough, because everything goes with the universal plan and we are just a small particle of the cosmos. We always worry like we are God. We try to arrange the world's peace. We try to do everything in our lives in order to achieve what we think we must. Then we forget, only God's will will be done, not ours, because we don't know anything.

Only when we meditate on God -- directly contact with God through the light and the sound, then we know. We know everything without even learning from anyone, without reading books, without reading newspapers. We understand deeply, profoundly and everlastingly. You know everything if you meditate regularly and diligently. There's nothing I need to teach you, nothing anyone needs to teach you at all, because you are your own master. Everyone has God inside and everyone knows that.

So the more we come back into our own wisdom and master power, the more we know. It's a very natural way of teaching. It's not teaching by verbal language. It's teaching from inside. It's so simple. We feel sorry that the worldly people don't know. It's so simple like the air we breathe; so simple like the water that we drink. The Truth and the way to the Truth are so simple, but the worldly people, they are so used to complications. They are used to expensive things and hard to get things. So, when anything is offered so simply, quickly and unconditionally, they don't understand.

You see how the people work in the world. They work eight hours, ten hours, fifteen hours, eighteen hours. Just for what? Just to have a roof over their heads, just to have two or three meals a day, a few clothes to wear, and maybe a vehicle to move around in order to work. And they work so hard for these very basic, minimum necessities of life. People are used to hardship. That's why people cannot believe in anything that is free, anything that is simple, anything that is so direct and unconditional.

That's why it's our duty, if we want to take this duty, to remind the people and to try our best with all the loving kindness that we receive from God to make people realize that the best things are always simple and always unconditional. We prove it by our living standard, by our moral quality, by our loving kindness which is visible to everyone. We must show God's love through our way of living, through our own behavior, through our devotion and love to God, and through our devotion, love to all mankind. That's how our preaching works, not by verbal languages, but by examples.