Spiritual Reading A to Z 

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About Predictions for the Year 2000
Activate Your Inner Power of Immunity
Actually, There Is No Method
Age & Spiritual Practice
Aggression Quality in Practitioner
Always Focus on the Wisdom Eye
An Ideal Way of Life
An Ideal Way of Life
Ancestor Worship
Anger and Hatred
Another Form of Love
Anti-ant Tip
Appreciate the Value of Initiation
Attitude Toward Spiritual Practice
Attributes of God
Bad Dreams
Be a Good Partner
Be Vegetarian to Avoid Disasters and Lighten the Body and Mind
Become Cured of Saintly Sickness!
Become Cured of Saintly Sickness!
Become Liberated While Living
Becoming Omnipresent Means Not Needing to Find a Soul Mate
Being a Monk or Nun at Heart
Being God or the Devil - Thinking Makes it So
Benefits of Group Meditation
Benefits of Group Meditation
Best Antidote for an Epidemic - Quan Yin Method
Bless Yourself with an Enjoyable Treasure -- Meditation
Blessed by the Living Master
Blessing Power as Differentiated from Magical Power
Bodily Illness Differentiated from Karmic Illness
Bodily Movements during Meditation Practice
Bodily Sensations in Samadhi
Breaking Habits Helps to Free Us of Karma
Building Courage and Rising Above Obstacles
Cause of Actions
Cherish the Opportunity to Practice in the Age of Kali
Chi Kung Practice
Child Care
Choosing the Best Way of Life
Cleanse Your Karma through Meditation
Clearing the Atmosphere
Company We Keep
Concentration and Selfless Devotion
Concentration and Selfless Devotion
Confusion of Artists
Convenient Method & Inner Experiences
Correct Attitude in Working for Master
Correct Practice of Quan Yin Meditation
Criterion for Gauging Spiritual Development
Cultivate a Happy Marriage
Cultivating Ethical Concepts from Childhood
Dealing with Affairs of the Heart
Death of the Living Master
Dedicate Actions to the Master to Reduce the Ego
Definition of Master
Demeanor of a Saintly King
Develop the Wisdom Eye to Understand the World
Develop Your Inner Healing Energy
Developing Positive Qualities
Difference between Love and Attachment
Difference between Prayer and Meditation
Disasters and Catastrophic Illnesses
Disasters and Negative Energy
Disturbance by Entities during Meditation
Don't Be Attached to Renunciation
Education Begins with the Family
Ego and Sound Meditation
Ego or True Self
Elevate Ourselves to the Positive Level
Elevating the Culture of Our Education
Emotions in a Completely Enlightened Person
Emotions of the Living Master
Employment and the Spiritual Life
Encounter A Master by Accident, Also Get Enlightenment
Enlightenment and Fate
Enlightenment and the Time Factor
Entities: The Killing Karma
Environment for Spiritual Practice
Essence of Marriage
Every Family Devoted to Spiritual Practice, Everyone a Saintly Person
Evil in Humankind
Farmer and Snake
Fear of Letting Go of the Ego
Fortune Telling
Free Will
Free Will
From Stone to Saint
Fruits of Meditation Practice
Fulfill Your Obligations as a Marriage Partner
Get Enlightened and Build a Peaceful Futrure
Get Enlightened and Pray Powerfully!
Getting Used To the Higher Vibrations
God Takes Care of Everything
God's Direct Contact - The Way to Reach Peace
God's Will or My Will
Great Change Can be an Uplifting Experience
Greatest Teacher Is Within
Guiding Youth through Spirituality
Helpful Tips on the Spiritual Path
Helping Others
Home Remedy for Diarrhea
Horror of Drugs
How Does Sound Purify Us?
How Marriage Works
How to Cultivate Young Practitioners
How to Develop the Third Eye
How To End the Feelings of Greed and Ambition
How to Form the Habit of Getting Up Early for Meditation
How To Make Our Motives Selfless
How to Meet a Soul Mate?
How to Overcome Fear
How to Overcome Fear
Human Wisdom Makes Us Masters of All Creatures
Illness Cleans the Fixed Karma
Illness in Children
Illness Is Also a Warning
Immediate Enlightenment
Importance of Group Meditation
Importance of Keeping Our Thoughts, Speech and Actions Pure
Inability to See Inner Master During Meditation
Initiates Who Drop Out of Spiritual Practice
Initiation and the Vegetarian Diet
Initiation Is the Most Precious Treasure in the Universe
Initiation When Physical Master Is Absent
Initiation: The Quan Yin Method
Inner Experiences & the Convenient Method
Inner Realizations
Inner Worth Is the Real Treasure
Intimacy with Non-initiate
Invisible Source of Wisdom
Is It Necessary to Contact One's Soul Mate?
It's More Joyful to Give than to Receive
Karma and Prayer
Karma and Problems in Life
Karma and the Environment
Karma Has Disappeared!
Karma of a Couple
Keep Striving for Positive Spiritual Power
Keys to Spiritual Progress
Leaving the Body: Dying Daily
Leaving the Body: The Transmigration Tunnel
Levels and Light
Levels of Spiritual Practice
Live a Noble Life
Live for the Present
Living a Balanced Life Is the Tao
Living in An Illusionary World
Living Up to the Precepts Is Living Up to Ourselves
Longing Heart Is the Key to
Love Dissolves Everything
Love Others Wholeheartedly
Love Your Enemies
Make Up for the Mistakes
Make Use of Your Innate Defense System
Make Use of Your Time to Meditate
Marriage and Spirituality
Married or Not, Just Be Natural!
Master Knows Everything
Master's Physical Form
Master's Words
Meditating on the Light and Sound is Our Only Support
Meditation Experience Prior to Initiation
Meditation Is a Kind of Education
Meditation Methods
Merits & Sin
Miracle of Blessing Power
Mirror of Mirrors
Morning Is the Best Time for Meditation
Multitude of Angels: Guardian Gods and Goddesses
Music of the Spheres or Music of the Spears?
Natural Insect Repellent
Nature of Negative Forces
Nature of Negative Forces
No More Transmigration
Numbness during Meditation
Obstacles in Meditation
Only God's Love Can Stop Wars
Only Spiritual Practice Can Erase All Illness and Suffering
Our Real Self Knows Everything
Overcome the Distractions of Youth
Overcome the Fear during Meditation
Overcoming Fears and Worry
Past Lives
Peace on Earth Begins with Us
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom
Penetrating Worldly Illusions
Positive Sense of Ego Is Essential
Power of Sound Meditation
Practical Benefits of the Quan Yin Method
Prayer before Meditation
Prayer: How to Ask God
Prior Master
Prior Master
Professions and Spiritual Practice
Progress in Spiritual Practice
Purpose of Meditation - Realizing Your Self and Attaining Inner Bliss
Pursuing Spirituality is the Best Form of Patriotism
Put What You Learn Into Action
Quan Yin
Quan Yin Method Transcends Time and Space
Quan Yin Method: An Astounding Yet Marvelous Starting Point
Reaching a New Era of Universal Consciousness
Real Initiation
Recognize the Role of Maya
Reconnecting with God Brings the Blessings of Heaven to Earth
Regularity in Meditation
Relax and the Wisdom will Emerge
Remain Focused and Detached during Retreats
Renounce Everything and Be Happy
Returning to the Source of Creation
Right Way
Roots of Fears and Anxieties
Science and Spirituality
Secret of Spiritual Practice - Total Faith in Master
Secrets for Lasting Meditation
Seeking God
Selfless Service and Meditation
Sexual Energy
Sexual Thoughts
Silencing the Mind
Soul Group
Source of Eternal Happiness
Speak in a Positive Way
Spiritual Practice Advances Our Planet
Stories of Recent Saints
Story of a Monk's Two Pieces of Cloth
Supra-worldly Therapy
Supreme Eye
Supreme University
Take the Initiative in Life
Tao Comes First and Mundane World Second
There Is No Ego, Really!
Thoughts of a Master
Time for Spiritual Practice
Tips for Maintaining Balance in Daily Life
Together We Can Make the World a Paradise
Tonic Is Necessary for the Winter of Spiritual Practice
Transcend Good and Evil, Focus Inwardly to Reach Great Enlightenment
Transcendental School
True Master Differentiated from False Master
True Masters
True Meaning of Devotion
True Meditation
Truly Happy Person
Trust in the Master
Truth Behind Fear - Indian Tales
Truth Behind Fear - Zen Tales : a Ghost Story
Try Your Best to Keep up Your Marriage
Ultimate Life-saving Method
Universal School
Usher Our Youth into the Golden Age
Using Brain Power for Analysis and Action
Vegetarian Diet: Determination Is Better Than Anything
Vegetarianism Makes You Healthier
War and God
Wars Come from Warlike Negativity
Watching Master
Way of Peace
Way to Reach Peace
Way to Reconcile Martial Conflicts
Ways To Eliminate the Ego
We Are Catching Up with Heaven
We Are the Luckiest Yogis
We Can Actually Live a Better Life
We Can Help the World Only through Diligent Practice
What are Soul Mates?
What is in a Name?
Why Are We Here?
Why Can't Sentient Beings be Delivered?
Why Do Masters Need Initiation
Why No Light?




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